Sulwhasoo Essential Perfecting Kit

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The Sulwhasoo Essential Perfecting Kit is known for its JAUM Nourishing Complex™ formulated to protect skin throughout all seasons helps nourishing and resilient to make skin healthy as its foundation.

Sulwhasoo Essential Perfecting Water 15ml

The Gel-type toner fully moisturizes and comfortably protects skin throughout all seasons. 

The Dandelion extract on the formula helps comfortably soothe skin. Spread smoothly and absorbs quickly while the hydration lasts long to leave your skin feeling fully moisturized.

Sulwhasoo Essential Perfecting Emulsion 15ml
The nourishing emulsion comfortably protects skin throughout all seasons and makes skin smooth.

The pine nut oil in the formula helps moisturize rough skin and make it look and feel lustrous. Spread softly and absorbs throughly to leave your skin feel smoother.

Sulwhasoo Essential Perfecting Firming Cream 5ml
JAUM Nourishing Complex™ and Broadleaf Liriope extracts are firming and nourishing creams that enhance and nourish the skin to make it stronger and more healthy all season. 

Broadleaf Liriope / Dendranthema indicum extract to add firmness to the skin. Antioxidant effect and Broadleaf Liriope make skin firm and add anti-aging effect.

Sulwhasoo Essential Perfecting Moisturizing Cream 5ml
The hydrating and nourishing cream delivers powerful moisture and rich nourishment that helps relieve inner tightening throughout the seasons. 

The Dandelion extract and pine nut oil in the formula helps both hydrate and nourish dehydrated skin while improving the balance of oil and water contents of skin. The soft gel texture softly spreads and forms a protective shield on the surface to hold moisture and keep skin healthy.

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