Primera Seed And Sprout Energy Mask

  • $14.50

The Primera Seed And Sprout Energy Mask  is an unbleached organic cotton sheet: the mask sheet is manufactured employing an eco-friendly, non-chlorine bleach construction method. As a result, the sheet is safer and considerably softer than bleached sheets.

Natural Cureplex  contains domestic, eco-friendly certified agricultural ingredients--black beans, black rice, houtturynia, and Artemisia Herb (mugwort); the extracts from the eco-certified ingredients deliver vigorous sprout energy directly to skin.

Sugar Apple

Sugar-apple seed extract is rich in natural cyclic peptides that enhance the skin’s elasticity and firmness while Natural Cureplex™ containing sprout extracts calms irritated skin and restores vitality. 

The extracts from lotus flower seeds, the intense hydrating agent, form a protective, watery barrier around the skin that locks in moisture while Natural Cureplex
™ containing sprout extracts calms irritated skin and restores vitality.

1 pack | 5 sheets