NEOGEN Day Light Protection Sunscreen SP50 PA+++

  • $28.95

The NEOGEN Day Light Protection Sunscreen SP50 PA+++ is a double UV block function of UVA + UVB blocks daily UV rays and responds to strong UV rays during outdoor activities and sports.

Protects skin cells safely against external and harmful environment such as UV rays and fine dirt in the air. Soothes stimulated skin by exposed UV rays and various and harmful environment during a day.

Containing 17 kinds of plant ingredients, it delivers moisture and vitality to the skin with a mild feeling and keeps the skin moist and healthy. With its moist and soft application, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and then gives a soft and silky feeling to give a refreshing feeling without stickiness.

Contains multi-porous powder that absorbs quickly into the skin and helps sebum adsorption to control sebum and provide a silky finish.