NATURE REPUBLIC Bee Venom Treatment Spot

  • $17.50

The NATURE REPUBLIC Bee Venom Treatment Spot is excellent for sensitive and acne-prone skin. It contains myrtus ugni tree extract and other natural ingredients that are used as anti-acne complex to moisture and soothe the skin. It also helps unclog pores and break down buildups on the skin. 

For all skin types; Recommended for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Ointment type cream for troubled spots for face/body.

Contains 77% bee venom complex and natural ingredients: lactobacillus, bean fermentation extract, portulaca extract, willow, cypress, gold extract, oregano.

8 Chemicals free (No paraben, No artificial aroma, No artificial pigment, No mineral oil, No chemical surfactant, No talc, No benzophenone, No triethanolamine)