Mini Micro-current Face Lift and Wrinkle Remover Device

  • $26.75

The Mini Micro-current Face Lift and Wrinkle Remover Device helps in faster and better absorption of skin care ingredients. It is essential that the active ingredients of skin care products are fully absorbed by the skin.

This booster has unique magnetic properties, which can help you faster and deeper infusion of serum, lotion and cream into the facial skin, so that your skin can absorb more effective ingredients, thereby enhancing the function of skin care products, such as wrinkle resistant, compact and durable. Moisturize, make your face look smoother, softer and fuller.

You can relax and enjoy facial skin massage with a minimal vibration. It can relax tired facial skin, shrink pores, improve facial blood circulation, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles, and make skin glow.

Time saving - massages can help skin care ingredients penetrate deeper and faster into the face than using your fingers to apply skin care products slowly to the face. It doesn't need any buttons to turn it on or off. Once you touch your skin, the built-in skin sensor will notify it to work properly. Easy to use methods will help you reduce your daily skin care time.

1 pack | Mini Micro-current Face Lift device, manual