I'm Sorry for My Skin pH 5.5 Jelly Mask

  • $5.00

The I'm Sorry for My Skin pH 5.5 Jelly Mask is an acidulous jelly mask that soothes and recovers the sensitized and tired skin with CENTEGREEN WATER™.

The natural I-CELL sheet adheres perfectly to the skin and conveys the nourishing nutrition and moisture of the jelly essence.

Moisture fills the dry skin with soothing moisture, adjusting the oil-moisture balance of the skin healthily.

Soothing calms and protects the sensitive skin with vital energy, alleviating skin stress and stimulation.

Purifying eliminates unnecessary sebum and dead skin cells, improving the skin texture and tone with rich nutrition.

Relaxing conditions and comforts the sensitized skin healthily, moisturizing the stressed skin with elasticity.

Brightening helps the skin shine naturally, balancing the skin condition with a healthy and bright glow.

1 pack | 1 sheet