AMORE PACIFIC Botanical Hydrating Fluid

  • $61.30

The AMORE PACIFIC Botanical Hydrating Fluid softens and comforts your skin with the exceptional hydrating effect of Royal Bamboo Sap.

By strengthening the skin compositioning effect, which provides comfortable skin preparation during the first stage of skin care every day, the botanical hydrating Fluid is a high-end skincare recital that contains AmorePacific’s technical know-how to deliver key efficacy without compromising skin.

Royal Bamboo Sap, which is only allowed for about 25 days a year, resembles human moisture, hydrating quickly and leading to healthy skin condition. In addition, the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid keeps the skin moisturized for a long time, while the cotton extract comfortably soothes irritation caused by ultra fine dust.

Dew-like Dew WrappingTM formulations containing Centella-derived ingredients turn into a supple texture at the time of application, quickly soothing, protecting and absorbing next-generation products.

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