Auto Face Lift & Massager

  • $56.70

The Auto Face Lift & Massager appearance is rounded and comfortable with rounded corners for easier use.

Set massage, scraping, introduction, lifting and other functions in one, can meet various needs.

Can push and pull with a weak current to promote delicate pores and firm skin.

Ion introduction, combined with high frequency vibration up to 11,000 times / minute, can effectively introduce skin care products into the deep layers of nutrients and promote skin nutrition absorption.

45 ℃ warm massage can effectively promote the metabolism of lymphoid hormones, detoxify the skin and brighten the complexion.

The targeted arc design can be used to massage the eyes, hands, and head, relieve soreness, and lift facial wrinkles.

One-click switch between red and blue light mode, blue light massage mode can effectively deep skin care; red light warm massage mode can effectively deep skin care, while soothing tight skin.


  • Deep wrinkle removal, enhance skin elasticity, improve skin quality, make skin bright, white and healthy.
  • Nutrition introduction, toxin export, wrinkle removal and skin change, so that the skin is younger.
  • Strengthen skin cells and promote permeability.
  • Decomposition of pigments, dilution of black spots, decomposition of melanin, sterilization of acne and problem skin.
  • Eliminate wrinkles and skin relaxation.
  • Tightening Skin and Promoting V-Face.

1 pack | scraping instrument, manual, USB cable, cleaning cloth