AMORE PACIFIC Youth Revolution Radiance Concentrator

  • $249.95

The AMORE PACIFIC Youth Revolution Radiance Concentrator contains a precious white peony ingredient which is obtained after slowly infusing white peony at sixty degrees for twenty four hours and by purifying the extract five times, as well as liquid type vitamin C derivative, is activated when being blended with the base serum containing green tea polysaccharide that purifies the skin.

The concentrator provides healthy vitality and youthful radiance by improving skin firmness and by taking care of aging signs.

A Dual Ring™ container is devised to blend the two separate textures immediately before use. It prevents the loss of effectiveness of the two formulas and provides fresh contents at an optimal condition by protecting it from an external environment.

It takes care of three kinds of Aging Dust™ * that make the skin look dull as it accumulates on the skin. It activates a skin purifying action and provides a healthy skin base by strengthening the skin.